The ethical sourcing of hair is fundamental to the Great Lengths philosophy. One of the key decisions taken by Great lengths is to only source hair from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices. Great Lengths selects the very best human hair from different Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly to the temple as an act of devotion. The key advantage to the community is that the revenue generated by the sale of Temple Hair is used for social benefit. Every strand has been donated willingly and with full consent. Each person that chooses to donate their hair has been treated with respect and care.

The hair is then flown to our factory in Nepi, Italy to undergo the necessary processes to become Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

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The elasticity of each strand is tested in our research department to ensure the strength and integrity of the 100% Remy virgin human hair.


The hair is bathed in a Great Lengths-patented oxidant solution to extract natural pigment without the use of harsh chemicals. This process can take up to 2-3 weeks.


The hair is submerged into a solution with controlled temperature and PH value. Pigments are then added to the solution in order to tone the hair color to the desired shade by our Master Colorists. Great Lengths coloring products are extremely delicate and derive from the most precious yarn of all: cashmere.


Strands of hair are carefully hand-blended in order to create the most natural possible color. Subsequently, many different shades are added, to increase color depth and mimic the natural appearance of human hair.

Great Lengths is a certified company for Quality and Occupational Health and Safety. The production facility in the town of Nepi, near Rome received certification under the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 and under the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS-18001:2007.

Great Lengths is the only provider of extensions in possession of both these certificates anywhere in the world.



Our Products Stand Out in Many Fields:

  • respect of raw materials’ integrity
  • durability, safety and traceability of the product
  • professional support for application techniques
  • breadth, diversification and renewal of the offer
  • selection of certified salons as partners for distribution
Hair salon



Made of authentic premium hair, anchored to an extra-thin medical grade adhesive tape. We offer the only tape-in hair extensions on the market with a medical grade, latex-free adhesive.

They are designed to create a fuller effect and luxurious hair, thanks to a fast application. The medical grade adhesive strip is designed not to cause any tension and feels completely flat on the head.


An innovative product for very fine and thin hair. They are carefully designed to ensure that individual hair is inserted into the tape by hand, leaving the impression of natural hair growth.

This makes GL TAPES+ particularly suited to be applied on the temples, the top of the head and the parting without it being noticeable. The result is a seamless, luxurious, fuller head of hair. 

Great Lengths Innovation:
Keratin bonds

Great Lengths developed and patented the first pre-tipped synthesized keratin bond polymer. Unlike other “keratin bonds” on the market, our bond’s molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair.

Because of this unique synthesized keratin bond, which is exclusive to GL, we proudly provide one of the safest, damage-free extension methods on the market. Since Great Lengths bonds mimic the way natural hair acts, they’ll expand with your hair when its wet and contract back when dry. This is key in avoiding breakage.

Great Lengths Innovation:

Great Lengths can boast major scientific inventions in the field of hair extensions— such as introducing the first Ultrasonic machine— and many more groundbreaking innovations.


Our ultrasonic method utilizes ultrasonic wave. This wave or “vibration” action generates heat within the bond, and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond it’s being attached to. The touchscreen for personal settings allows stylists to customize their machine, while also automatically count the number of hair extensions applied.

GL 3200

A classical system, which has paved the way for innovation in the world of hair extensions. Our ultrasonic method uses a thermal applicator tong. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair.